How to celebrate those we’ve lost on Valentine’s Day

While Hallmark cards traditionally celebrate Valentine’s day as a holiday for couples, we believe it is a time to remember all of our loved ones -- even those who are no longer with us. Valentine’s Day gives us a wonderful opportunity to celebrate everyone we love, from our families, friends, neighbors, to everyone who has brought us joy and love at some point in our lives.

Sometimes Valentine’s Day can remind us of those in our lives we have lost, from mothers to lovers. While it can be difficult to feel the loss of someone important in our lives, Valentine’s Day can also present us with a wonderful opportunity to celebrate all of the joy they brought us and honor their memory in the ways that feel most special. Read on for ideas about how you can honor a lost loved one this Valentine’s Day.  

Light a candle in honor of a lost loved one.  

If there is someone special you would like to remember on Valentine’s Day, celebrate them by honoring their memory and the time you spent together. You can have a moment of silence and honor the beautiful moments you shared.    

Write a note to your loved ones.  

Sometimes, the simplest gifts are the sweetest. Consider writing a short note to anyone who has brought joy to your life. It can be anyone from your partner to your mailman! You can also write a note to someone you have lost to feel close to them and celebrate their memory.    

Treat yourself to a special meal.  

Food brings people together and has the power to bring us back to special moments in our lives. If there is a certain meal you remember sharing with your loved one, take the time to make a special dinner on Valentine’s Day in their memory.    

Write a card to your lost loved one.  

Is there anything you’ve been wishing you could say to your lost loved one? Maybe you want to check in and give them an update on your life. Writing a letter or card addressed to your lost loved one is a beautiful way to celebrate the holiday and thank them for all the love and joy they brought into your life.  

Share your favorite memory of your loved one with others.  

Are there any sweet moments or memories of your lost loved one you hold dear? Share it! Sharing stories of those we lovebut have lost keeps their memory alive and spreads the joy that they brought us to others in our life.  

Spend the day doing things your loved one enjoyed most.  

Remember your loved one by dedicating your day to their favorite things. Perhaps there is a favorite bagel shop they loved to frequent or a movie that always made them laugh. Take a few moments to consider what brought them joy when they were alive and plan a day to remember them! 


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