What To Know About Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry is a tangible memory encased within a beautiful necklace, ring, or other wearable keepsakes. It’s a loving way to honor your loved one and keep their legacy alive. Keep reading to learn five facts about cremation jewelry. 

Cremation or memorial jewelry is designed to safely contain a memento of your loved one, but it’s not limited to cremated ashes. If your loved one chooses burial, you can use a lock of their hair, dried flowers from their service, or soil from the burial site. Some families even use a tiny piece of clothing or paper with their loved one’s signature. 

Some funeral providers fill the jewelry at the crematory if you make prior arrangements and purchases. If you decide to do it yourself, cremation jewelry kits containing mini funnels and tools are available. 

Memorial Jewelry Comes in Many Styles

There are many types and styles of cremation jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, rings, and keychains. Whatever keepsake you select, you only need a small portion. You can bury, inter, scatter, or store the remaining ashes in an urn. 

Let’s take a closer look at the most popular types of cremation jewelry.

Urn Necklace 

Like the traditional receptacle named after, the urn necklace has a secure interior for storing ashes or other items. Urn necklaces are available in various materials, metals, and sizes. Most urn vials can be personalized with names, dates, designs, or phrases to capture someone’s memory. 

Locket Necklace

A locket necklace has a hinged opening that lets you carry your loved one’s photo and their ashes or hair. Many associate a heart-shaped locket with memorial jewelry, but other shapes are used. You can find crosses, the Star of David, military emblems, and other symbols from specialty sellers. 

Cremation Bracelet

Necklaces aren’t the only type of memorial jewelry to keep loved ones close. Cremation bracelets securely hold ashes with an attached pendant, or they can have a hollow interior. 

Some cremation bracelets have a plate where you can engrave your loved one’s name or an image of their signature.

Cremation Rings

A cremation ring contains ashes within the hollow band or in an ornamental compartment. The band might be smooth or braided. Cremation rings are available for men, women, or gender-neutral designs. They can be made from stainless steel, sterling silver, or gold. 


Memorial keychains are ideal for someone who doesn’t wear jewelry but wants to keep a loved one with them. A hallowed interior or pendant securely holds your loved one’s cremated ashes or strands of hair. 

When you consider how often you carry your keys with you, cremation keychains might be the perfect way for you to safeguard your loved one. 

Memorial Jewelry Can Be a Gemstone 

Memorial diamonds go a step further from cremation jewelry. Instead of wearing a necklace or ring containing your loved one’s ashes, memorial gemstones are created from them. 

Cremated ashes or human hair contains carbon, the same ingredient in mined diamonds. Companies like Eterneva combine heat and pressure to form lab-created memorial diamonds.

Once created, memorial diamonds can be a feature in your favorite jewelry settings, from necklaces to rings. They beautifully demonstrate the timelessness of love. 

Cremation Jewelry Is for Everyone

Memorial jewelry comes in all different materials, metals, and sizes. They are available in masculine, feminine, or gender-neutral styles. When it comes to choosing the right cremation jewelry, consider these factors.


Think about how and when you wear jewelry. If you work with your hands, you might prefer a cremation necklace. If you have a casual style, consider if you would wear a memorial diamond ring. 


Cremation rings, bracelets, and some locket necklaces look like regular jewelry. An urn vial, however, is distinctive. If you’d rather not face questions about your accessories, choose them carefully.


Some cremation jewelry styles and materials are more durable than others. You don’t want to risk losing your loved one’s ashes or having them spill out.

Caring for Cremation Jewelry Is Simple 

Caring for cremation jewelry is similar to treating other jewelry pieces. Avoid wearing them if there is a chance your cremation jewelry could be tangled, scratched, or pulled from you. As for the metal or material, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Only use the cleaning or storage materials that they recommend. 

Your loved one’s ashes are carefully sealed and encased within the container or item. However, you should avoid immersing your jewelry in water to protect the seal’s integrity. Remove cremation jewelry before sleeping, showering, or swimming. 

Memories Should Be Shared

Cremation jewelry lets you keep your loved one with you. It is a tangible, touchable reminder of their presence. Whatever style or type you select, you ensure their memory is kept alive for you and with you. 

Where to Buy Cremation Jewelry 

Your ShareLife provider is happy to share options available from reputable cremation jewelry sellers and manufacturers. They also can help you plan a personalized memorial service and explain your options for permanent memorialization.