Celebrating all Moms, Near and Far

This Mother’s Day, we remember all mothers in our lives. Those who are still with us and those who we’ve lost. Whether a single mom, a stepmom, a teacher, or a helpful neighbor -- Happy Mother’s Day! If you’re looking for ways to celebrate or remember a mom in your life, here are some ideas from us.

Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to give thanks to all mother figures in our lives. Finding small ways to celebrate and show gratitude to the mother’s in our lives is a beautiful way to remind them we notice all they do for us and that we care. Whether you are celebrating your older sister, single moms, grandmother, or even someone who has passed, read on for ideas on how you can make this Mother’s Day special.    

Frame and share a special photo 

Do you have a photograph of you two lying around that brings you joy whenever you happen upon it? Most of us do! Take a moment to find a favorite photo of the two of you together and get it framed. Nothing is more personal than immortalizing and sharing a beautiful memory that can bring them joy every time they see it.  

 Remember those we’ve lost 

Mother’s Day can feel especially challenging and isolating after losing someone. While we may not be able to host large gatherings, we are not alone, and we can still find meaningful ways to honor and remember our mothers this year. Consider writing a note to your mom to give thanks for all that you love and miss about her, even if you can’t share it with her in person. Rather than keeping to yourself today, try to keep her memory alive by cooking her favorite meal or dessert with your loved ones. Take time to remember all the beauty and joy she brought into your life and share stories with those you love to keep her memory near this holiday.   

Write a thoughtful note 

A sweet and thoughtful note can sometimes mean the most to us. Don’t rush a generic Mother’s Day card this year! Instead, think about what you are truly thankful for and what your mother means to you and put pen to paper.  

Carve out quality time  

Oftentimes, the best gift we can offer our loved ones is our time. Let the mother in your life know how much you value and honor the time you spend with them, and how much it would mean to you to celebrate them one-on-one. Plan an afternoon or weekend activity doing something you love. It can be as simple as watching their favorite movie at home with snacks or taking them out to explore a new attraction they haven’t had the chance to see. Think about where you have the most fond memories together and what you enjoy doing together and carve out time to make new memories!  

Treat her 

Many of the mothers in our lives are caregivers and spend their times thinking of others. Remind your mother figure that she deserves to be celebrated and cared for too! Think of what she may consider a treat. Does she love home cooked meals? A day to herself? A massage? Getting her nails done? Maybe she would appreciate someone else planning a family outing. Consider what may bring her the most joy or peace and find a way to make it happen this year! 


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