Provider Training

What We Offer ShareLife® Specialized Training

In most states and at most funeral homes, you deal with a licensed funeral director who has passed a national board exam after being trained in the standard technical aspects of the field, like embalming, cremation, driving a hearse, and of course all the state and federal regulations and paperwork.

What you often don’t get is someone with these credentials and more—someone trained in the human component of each of these aspects of the experience—a thoughtful, caring specialist in communication, event planning, interviewing and anxiety reduction.

Our Family Service Advisors have all the usual training and much more.

ShareLife Advisors are specially trained to create personal and meaningful experiences for families commemorating the life of a loved one.

Each completes a proprietary process called ShareLife Provider Training, equipping them with all the skills they need to plan a unique and meaningful event that pays tribute to an individual with empathy and compassion. Each learns to engage in every family interaction with an intentional, patient, thoughtful and wholistic approach that’s always personal and caring.

Every life is different, so every ShareLife experience is unique.

Listening carefully to your needs and desires for your event, trained ShareLife professionals create unique funeral services—from traditional to anything but. With ShareLife, your experience will always be centered on the person being remembered. We tell a customized, unique story with props, music, technology, catering, themes, activities and more. We focus on listening—serving our families with people-focused personal touches and true compassion.