What We Offer The ShareLife® Difference

ShareLife differs substantially from the average funeral services provider.

Instead of the cookie-cutter approach, we personalize an experience, focusing on the wellbeing of those who are left behind, including the entire family, as well as the community.

The ShareLife difference hinges on a human factor that’s at the heart of everything we do.

By focusing on relationships, empathy, compassion, listening and collaboration, we create a unique experience.

We ask a lot of open-ended questions about the loved one we’re planning to celebrate.

We also do a lot of active listening. We’re interested in your intimate memories, stories and the special qualities that made (or make, if you’re planning ahead) your loved one unique, including what really mattered most to the individual we plan to honor.

While we’re fully capable of  providing all the traditional funeral services you might expect (and we often do), we hope you’ll come to us for something more—because collaborating with you to create a custom celebration of the life of your loved one is where we truly excel.

Our focus is always on the relationship, the conversation and the collaborative creation of your special event.

Our personal, full-service funeral planning services deliver the utmost in hospitality, kindness and peace of mind, for a meaningful celebration of a life well-lived. Think big or keep it simple. Our philosophy of service applies to even the smallest of events, because our goal is always to listen and help design the right experience for your family.
With the advanced video, sound and scent technologies in our patented ShareLife Multi-Sensory Experience*, we listen, imagine and work together to create an event designed to fit your needs. At our facilities, outdoors or at the location of your choice, thoughtful professionals create an unforgettable experience, custom-designed to celebrate what made your loved one special.

*Multi-Sensory Experience available for use with life celebrations at select facilities

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