Featured Article Celebrating in a Larger-Than-Life Way

When you step in to a ShareLife event, you’re surrounded by the memories of your loved one in a truly unique way.

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Funeral Directors’ Favorite Memorials

A memorial service should be as unique as the person it celebrates. In honor of Funeral Director and Mortician Appreciation Day, we asked a few ShareLife funeral directors to share their favorite memorials. 

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Owning Your Eulogy 

What will your loved ones say about you? One way to ensure your story is told is to write it yourself. Keep reading to learn more about writing your eulogy when you make preplan arrangements.  

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What To Do With Someone’s Belongings When They Pass

Seeing their belongings – their bedroom slippers, a well-loved childhood toy, or a favorite book on the nightstand – is almost too much to bear when someone we love dies. We’ve developed a strategy to help make this task a little easier.

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Hospice Social Work: A Labor of Love

March is Social Work Month. Hospice social workers help us navigate the end-of-life journey's physical, emotional, and practical challenges. Keep reading to learn more about these extraordinary professionals and suggestions on how to celebrate their contributions. 

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What To Know About Cremation Jewelry

by Julia |  Death Resources · Memorialization · Uncategorized

Cremation jewelry is a tangible memory encased within a beautiful necklace, ring, or other wearable keepsakes. It’s a loving way to honor your loved one and keep their legacy alive. Keep reading to learn five facts about cremation jewelry. 

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When It’s Too Much: Caregiver Burnout

Burnout is a genuine health concern, with one in five Americans acting as unpaid caregivers to spouses, family members, or friends. Read more on recognizing and preventing burnout before it negatively impacts both caregiver and recipient.  

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