Permanent Cremation Memorialization

Cremation provides several unique and meaningful permanent memorialization options. Creating a permanent place of remembrance allows families to gather and honor a loved one’s legacy for generations to come. Which permanent memorial is suitable for your family?

Cremation offers more options for permanent memorialization than a traditional burial. Traditional burial provides only two choices: a casket buried below the ground or interred in an above-ground mausoleum. 

For this reason and many others, more families opt for cremation. On average, over 57 percent of Americans choose cremation over traditional burial

Rather than limiting your choices for permanent memorialization, there are numerous places to gather and remember your loved one’s life and legacy.

Memorialization Options


Cremation Garden

Cremation gardens are an attractive option for combining a natural return to the earth with a permanent memorial marker. Cremation gardens often contain benches or places for quiet reflection. 

Family Cremation Estates

Customize a private area for multiple family members or generations. You may select personalized markers to suit various needs and preferences. 

Cremation Pedestals 

Stone is traditional in a cemetery or memorial garden. Choose a decorative top for your loved one’s pedestal, such as a statue, urn, or symbol to reflect their profession, passion, or military service.

Memorial Gardens 

Beautifully landscaped, memorial gardens may be self-contained or within a larger cemetery. You may bury your loved one’s cremated remains below ground or within a water feature, bench, or statute. 

Community Columbariums

Similar to an above-ground mausoleum, columbariums are usually stone or marble walls with individual niches to house cremated remains of community members. You may personalize your loved one’s permanent resting place with a plaque or inscription. 

Glass Front Niche

Glass-front niches offer unique personalization of a loved one’s space in a community columbarium. These provide a place for a decorative urn, photographs, and small mementos. 

Cemetery Plot 

Many cemeteries allow you to bury your loved one’s cremated remains in a traditional plot. You may choose a traditional headstone or marker per your loved one’s religious and personal beliefs. 

Choosing a Permanent Memorialization

There are no right or wrong choices for a permanent memorialization of your loved one’s cremated remains. 

Some factors that you and your family might wish to consider:

  • Location and convenience for family members who want to visit regularly.
  • Individual or singular memorialization or a family cremation estate or garden.
  • Your loved one’s preferences, religious beliefs, background, and expressed wishes. 

Cremation allows you to create a loving and unique permanent memorialization. Many families find comfort in having an enduring memorial to celebrate and honor their loved ones.