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When you step in to a ShareLife event, you’re surrounded by the memories of your loved one in a truly unique way.

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Navigating the Unthinkable: How to Support Families After Suicide

by Wendy Wander |  Grief Support

Losing a loved one is always painful. When the cause is suicide, there is an extra layer of pain, confusion, and grief. We spoke with grief and trauma experts about the guilt, remorse, and regret that follow a loved one’s suicide — and suggest ways to manage your grief. 

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Grief, Trauma, and the Path to Healing

by Julia |  Death Resources · Grief Support · Uncategorized

Funeral professionals and mental health counselors know grief and trauma often collide after pain and loss. While grief and trauma are distinct, their effect on individuals can be profound and, without treatment, sometimes permanent. In this article, you’ll learn the identifying factors for trauma, the danger of avoiding or suppressing treatment, and effective healing therapies.

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Guide to Funeral Etiquette

Funerals require proper etiquette and specific behaviors reserved for the event's solemnity. Etiquette is more than good manners; it’s about treating others courteously and respectfully. Here's a concise guide to answer your key questions about funeral etiquette. 

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Top Ten Books on Grief: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

by Wendy Wander |  Grief Support · Uncategorized

Whether you want guidance for coping with the loss of a spouse, parent, sibling, or friend, these books provide solace, understanding, and the tools to help you embrace life again. Each contains unique perspectives, insights, and practical advice for your journey toward healing. 

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Why We Grieve When a Celebrity Dies

by Julia |  Grief Support · Uncategorized

When people hear about the death of a celebrity, even if they don't personally know them, it can still have a significant impact on them. Here's why

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What To Do When You Lose Your Best Friend

by Julia |  Grief Support · Memorialization · Uncategorized

Many of us consider our relationships with our best friends among the most important in our lives. And when they pass away, our pain is as intense as losing a blood relative. Here are suggestions on how to gently start to heal when your best buddy dies. 

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