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When you step in to a ShareLife event, you’re surrounded by the memories of your loved one in a truly unique way.

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What To Do When You Lose Your Best Friend

by Julia |  Grief Support · Memorialization · Uncategorized

Many of us consider our relationships with our best friends among the most important in our lives. And when they pass away, our pain is as intense as losing a blood relative. Here are suggestions on how to gently start to heal when your best buddy dies. 

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Grief Support: Give Yourself a Break

by Julia |  Grief Support · Uncategorized

Grieving is stressful. And like other stressors, grief and its emotional upheaval can make us physically ill. There is no magic pill to make the pain vanish, but taking breaks and finding time to relax can help ease grief symptoms.

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Father’s Day Without a Father

by Wendy Mize |  Grief Support · Uncategorized

What happens when you’re a new parent but missing your own father? Within four days, Eric became a proud new father — and a grieving son. If you’re struggling with grief and loss on Father’s Day, we have suggestions for making the day a little easier.

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Elaborate Mausoleums You Have to See to Believe

For centuries, only certain individuals were entitled to be interred within massive and elaborate mausoleums: royalty, military commanders, and heads of state. Here’s a look at some final resting places you must see to believe. 

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Parting Stone Is a Touchable Connection After Cremation

Parting Stone creates solidified remains from your loved one’s ashes. The result is a collection of beautiful, polished “stones” as unique as your loved one. As seen on “Shark Tank,” Parting Stones are becoming popular for families who want a tangible connection with loved ones to display, scatter, or share. Keep reading to learn more. 

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What to Know About Permanent Memorialization 

Want to help your loved ones avoid painful (and expensive) decisions when you pass away? Consider buying a cemetery plot, columbarium niche, or another kind of permanent memorialization long before you need it. Keep reading for eight tips on choosing the permanent memorial right for your beliefs and budget.

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