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When you step in to a ShareLife event, you’re surrounded by the memories of your loved one in a truly unique way.

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What To Know About Cremation Jewelry

by Julia |  Death Resources · Memorialization · Uncategorized

Cremation jewelry is a tangible memory encased within a beautiful necklace, ring, or other wearable keepsakes. It’s a loving way to honor your loved one and keep their legacy alive. Keep reading to learn five facts about cremation jewelry. 

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Thoughtful Holiday Gifts to Honor Loved Ones

by Wendy Mize |  Death Resources · Grief Support · Memorialization · Uncategorized

Respectfully honor loved ones during the holidays with these clever memorial ideas.

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Do You Have a Long Term Care Plan?

October is officially Long Term Care Planning Month and designed to prompt people to prepare for the cost of medical care as they age. Yet there are other things to consider in addition to long-term care: healthcare proxies, living wills, and end-of-life care. Keep reading for ideas on what to include in a comprehensive long-term care plan

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What Happens To Your Loved One’s Online Accounts?

by KC |  Death Resources · Uncategorized

In today’s technology-driven world, most people have active accounts on over a dozen websites. When they pass away, it’s up to the family to deal with social media, streaming services, and other online accounts.

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Top Picks for Podcasts on Life, Loss & Laughter

by Wendy Mize |  Death Resources · Grief Support · Uncategorized

There are thousands of podcasts available for you to stream or download on various topics, including grief, dying, and loss. Podcasts are increasingly popular – 104 million Americans regularly listen – because their conversational style allows for in-depth discussion. 

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Dying to Know: Answers to life’s most frequently asked questions about death (Part 2)

Living well includes a common-sense approach to death. It happens to us all, yet talking about our end-of-life plans or voicing our fear is considered taboo or morbid. Part 2 of our frequently asked questions about death.

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