New Jersey Schools Introduce First Grief Class in the Country 

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Adolescents and teens often have a more challenging time expressing their feelings about grief and loss. Add to that challenge that some kids get bereavement support from their parents, counselors, and other qualified sources — but many do not. A new law requiring bereavement instruction to students in grades 8 through 12 on the physical, emotional, and behavioral symptoms of grief goes into effect immediately for New Jersey public schools. We talked to a funeral professional and former teacher about the potential benefits and challenges of the curriculum. 

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What You Need to Know about the 2023 Veterans Benefit Updates

Exploring the Largest VA Survivor Benefit Boost in 30 Years! Here’s good financial news for veterans and their families: the federal government recently approved significant (and many say, overdue) increases to disability, survivor, and burial benefits. Learn more about these boosted benefits and what they could mean for you or a loved one. 

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Decorating Your Loved One’s Headstone This Fall

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As the crisp breeze of autumn sweeps through the air, many of us feel a deep connection to our loved ones who've passed on. With its rich hues and comforting scents, the fall season presents the perfect opportunity to celebrate their favorite autumn memories.

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Mortuary School: Your Complete Guide

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Morticians – the modern term for professionals who are both funeral directors and embalmers – consider their work a calling more than a career. For many, becoming a mortician is their second career. In Part 2, what you should know if you want to explore this rewarding profession.

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Grief, Trauma, and the Path to Healing

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Funeral professionals and mental health counselors know grief and trauma often collide after pain and loss. While grief and trauma are distinct, their effect on individuals can be profound and, without treatment, sometimes permanent. In this article, you’ll learn the identifying factors for trauma, the danger of avoiding or suppressing treatment, and effective healing therapies.

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How to Discuss Preplanning with Your Parents

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As our parents age, it becomes increasingly important to have open and honest conversations about end-of-life planning. While discussing funeral arrangements may seem awkward or uncomfortable, here is simple and realistic advice on encouraging aging parents to preplan. We also include conversation starters to help navigate these sensitive discussions.

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Guide to Funeral Etiquette

Funerals require proper etiquette and specific behaviors reserved for the event's solemnity. Etiquette is more than good manners; it’s about treating others courteously and respectfully. Here's a concise guide to answer your key questions about funeral etiquette. 

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Top Ten Books on Grief: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

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Whether you want guidance for coping with the loss of a spouse, parent, sibling, or friend, these books provide solace, understanding, and the tools to help you embrace life again. Each contains unique perspectives, insights, and practical advice for your journey toward healing. 

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Mortuary School 101

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Morticians – the modern term for professionals who are both funeral directors and embalmers – consider their work a calling more than a career. However, you’ll need official training and a degree or certificate to enter this financially and personally rewarding profession. 

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Undertaker, Embalmer, Mortician & Funeral Director: What’s the Difference?

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Job titles like Undertaker, Embalmer, Mortician, and Funeral Director are frequently interchanged, leading to a certain level of confusion. However, beneath the diverse nomenclature lies a shared profession. These terms encompass distinct yet interconnected services in the world of funerals. While the educational prerequisites might differ across states, their fundamental purpose remains synonymous.

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