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Remembering Dad on Father’s Day

by Julia |  Grief Support · Memorialization

Facing Father’s Day without your father is challenging. You might shy away from remembrances of your father, stepfather, father-in-law, or foster dad. However, honoring and celebrating their life and legacy are part of a healthy healing process. Keep reading to explore uplifting memorial ideas to remember the man who influenced your life. 

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Checking on Loved Ones After a Loss

by Julia |  Grief Support

We’re sharing suggestions from mental health experts for checking in on others who experienced a loss. While it’s not a substitute for trained mental health professionals, you can help someone through their grief by following these simple steps. 

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Why Pets Are Awesome!

by Wendy Wander |  Death Resources · End of Life Planning · Grief Support

Is there any better feeling than your dog happily wagging its tail? Or your cat purring on your lap on a chilly evening? In addition to being cute and snuggly, pets enhance our lives in many ways. Taking care of an animal is a big responsibility, but the benefits can be even greater. 

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When You Lose Your Spouse

Losing a spouse is an intensely emotional experience. Although logically we know that lives come to an end, facing reality feels overwhelming. Keep reading for suggestions on finding a support system, self-care, and other helpful suggestions after losing a spouse.

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Is Broken Heart Syndrome Real?

by Julia |  Grief Support · Uncategorized

How To Cope With Heartbreak This Valentine’s Day and Beyond.

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De-Stress and Bring More Joy Into Your Life

Our mental health often suffers after losing someone we love. As you make plans for the months ahead, make sure you prioritize your own happiness and find ways to reduce stress in your life. In the article below, we have put together a list of ideas to help guide you through the next steps of your self-care journey.

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