Featured Article Celebrating in a Larger-Than-Life Way

When you step in to a ShareLife event, you’re surrounded by the memories of your loved one in a truly unique way.

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How different religions honor their lost loved ones

How several religions understand and approach death and the rituals they have built to honor and support those they have lost.

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Grieving a Loved One During the Holidays

by Julia |  Grief Support · Memorialization · Uncategorized

After losing someone we love, it can sometimes be difficult to experience joyful moments without them. While the holiday season can bring back memories of beautiful times you spent together, it also reminds us that they are no longer with us.

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Honoring & Remembering This Fall

As the weather cools down and we begin to make plans for holidays with our families, it can be hard not to miss those who are no longer with us.

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