What You Need to Know about the 2023 Veterans Benefit Updates

Exploring the Largest VA Survivor Benefit Boost in 30 Years! Here’s good financial news for veterans and their families: the federal government recently approved significant (and many say, overdue) increases to disability, survivor, and burial benefits. Learn more about these boosted benefits and what they could mean for you or a loved one. 

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Mortuary School: Your Complete Guide

by Julia |  Death Resources · Uncategorized · Veterans

Morticians – the modern term for professionals who are both funeral directors and embalmers – consider their work a calling more than a career. For many, becoming a mortician is their second career. In Part 2, what you should know if you want to explore this rewarding profession.

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Six Surprising Facts About Military Honor Guards

by Julia |  Life Celebrations · Memorialization · Veterans

With their crisp synchronized movements and polished appearance, honor guards bring sophistication and history to ceremonies ranging from military funerals to the Super Bowl. But how much do you know about America’s military honor guards? Keep reading to learn six surprising facts about these “best of the best” of our Armed Forces.

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What to Know About Permanent Memorialization 

Want to help your loved ones avoid painful (and expensive) decisions when you pass away? Consider buying a cemetery plot, columbarium niche, or another kind of permanent memorialization long before you need it. Keep reading for eight tips on choosing the permanent memorial right for your beliefs and budget.

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Look at Everything You Gain by Hiring Veterans

by Julia |  Uncategorized · Veterans

July 25 is recognized as National Hire a Veteran Day, but it’s always the right time to add motivated, trained, and experienced veterans to your organization. 

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Why We Observe Memorial Day

by Wendy Wander |  Life Celebrations · Memorialization · Veterans

What began as an informal tribute in the turbulent aftermath of the Civil War, became a federal holiday dedicated to America’s fallen service members. Learn why this solemn celebration is always the last Monday in May, the significance of red poppies, and how you can pay respect to the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice.

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What funeral benefits are available to Veteran families?

by Julia |  Death Resources · End of Life Planning · Veterans

If you or your loved one is a veteran, you are likely eligible for certain funeral benefits. The government provides these benefits to help defray the cost of funeral services. If you qualify for assistance, you may be able to apply for burial in a national veterans cemetery, receive a burial allowance in a private cemetery, or receive military honors and memorial items.

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